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Tesco Nature's Choice is a standard, which all of fresh produce growers around the world must achieve in order to supply fresh fruit, vegetables or salads. The standard was developed to ensure that the top quality fresh produce comes from growers who use good agricultural practices, operate in an environmentally responsible way and with proper regard for the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Tesco Nature will help your company to:

  • Customer food safety concerns and expectations.
  • Demonstration of Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Harmonization of farm operating practices in the global fresh produce supply chain.
  • Facilitates the establishment of a level playing field for all producers.
  • Tesco Nature ensure that these fresh products are grown safely and with environmental impact.

Tesco Nature’s Choice is a communication tool, able to respond efficiently and rapidly to producer issues and anticipate and communicate legislation issues & concerns back to producers via the supply chain on its territory.

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