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Whilst Health and safety issues for companies have been addressed due to the legal and regulatory requirements of their respective countries, ( OHSMS ) standard has been up to the most importance to the organization in order to identify and control their operational risks. Many Large companies also encourage their suppliers to provide evidence of H&S awareness . Internally , OHSAS 18001 will improve the performance and corporate image by being committed to occupational health and safety which will automatically reduce accidents.

OHSAS 18001 will help your company to:

  • Fewer work accidents through prevention and risk.
  • Minimize risk of major by systematic health and safety measures.
  • Reliable Knowledge and implementation of current laws and directives.
  • Reduce costs for material damages and insurance claims.
  • Higher staff motivation levels.
  • Certification of independent assessment and verification.

The growth of globalization is creating long-term changes to the world of work, reducing accidents at work and ensuring failure –free in production are becoming more and more important. Accidents can burden a company with higher costs , and impact the corporate image. Firms are increasingly expected to comply with national European ordinances and directives by establishing verifiably intact management system.

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