Government & Trade Agreement

TÜV NORD EGYPT is registered and approved by GENERAL ORGANIZATION FOR EXPORT AND IMPORT CONTROL (GOEIC) to issue the Certificate of Inspection for exports of Regulated AND STRATEGIC GOODS to Egypt.

The strategic agriculture goods that are exported to Egypt must comply with the requirements of the country’s mandatory quality. It’s implemented and monitored by Egypt’s General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC).

The Conformity Assessment Scheme requires certification for a variety of imported grains.

There is a decision issued by the government No. 2992 regarding organizing importing of some strategic agriculture goods (Wheat, Soya Beans and Corn) which will be exported to Egypt. These goods will be inspected by approved international inspection companies by GOEIC.

The Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade in Egypt recently issued two new decrees which come into effect fully from 16th March 2016.


TÜV NORD EGYPT is approved by GOEIC and accredited by the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) as a third party inspecting company for this service.

We can assess the conformity of restricted products against Egyptian, or international standards as applicable. Contact TÜV NORD EGYPT for further information.

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