CMA and SMA is a special type from agreements for the inspection services, where the customers require you to provide more detailed services for them, and from our experience in this regard and based on our deep principals of integrity, confidently and credibility, we can provide these special services to our customers.

1. CMA (Collateral Management Agreement)

  • CMA is a colleteral Management Agreement is a method to secure loans using physical commodities as collateral and consist mainly of approving storage facilities, taking control of these facilities, receiving goods into them and keeping these goods under our control until we are instructed to release them as per the terms of the relevant Collateral Management agreement.
  • CMA is formed between the financing party, the borrowing party or the owner of the commodities and collateral manager. CMA services consist of receiving physical commodities into storage and retaining control over the said commodities until Collateral Manager is instructed by the parties to release them in accordance with the terms of the agreement. Financing under CMA is useful for Agriculture commodities, Coal, Petroleum products etc.


  • SMA is a Stock Monitoring Agreement is a method to monitoring the stock at the warehouses. In this method the financing party in the transaction does not require strong control over the commodities by a third party. Instead, they want simply to secure traceability over the goods along the supply chain. The inspection companies provide either continuous monitoring services or periodic spot inspection