PMSA - Power Management system with Alarm and Protect Action

PMSA - Power Management system with Alarm and Protect Action

What is PMSA?

Power Management System with Alarm and Protection Action, in which the A stands for Alarm and Action, a synchronous system for collecting, analyzing and managing data related to electrical power and output as well as some information about the warning threshold of measurement quantities needed to control in factories, workshops and buildings.                        

The benefits of PMSA

  • Collecting electricity consumption data automatically, regularly, accurately and reliably.
  • Reducing the total reliance on manual electricity collection.
  • Reduce related personnel costs.
  • Allows visual display of electricity consumption parameters to make accurate and timely management decisions.
  • Allows detection of abnormalities in the operation of machinery (for example, unusually high power consumption) for timely management and maintenance of machinery.
  • Minimize errors compared to the process of manual supervision.
  • Supplying data to analyze electricity consumption corresponding to output and product characteristics.
  • Providing data to analyze opportunities for improvement and reduction of electricity use.                    

Values of TUV Nord bring customer

  • Improve management competency and power  in organization
  • Help organization to curb power visually and precisely
  • Help organization to reduce labor supervision cost or unexpected machine breakdown
  • Help organization to minimize errors as the process of manual supervision
  • Help organization to actively gives maintenance plan to avoid machine downtime
  • Help organization to propose suitable solutions in repairing or new investment to maximize efficiency.