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Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Donations Effort

Written by: Janice Harvey    9/7/2017

Hurricane season is in full force in the Gulf of Mexico and along south-eastern United States. Hurricane Harvey destroyed more than 40,000 buildings in Houston, Texas and tragically resulted in around 70 confirmed deaths. Clean-up efforts have barely begun, and now, Florida braces for Hurricane Irma.

This past week, our team was afforded the opportunity to be part of a donation effort put forth by All Phase Glass, a local family-owned business that specializes in local and commercial glass installations located in South Grafton, MA. The drive was created in response to the owner’s young daughters who were devastated by the damage and worked to create a plan involving the local community to provide aid to those in need. They have been working tirelessly since to get the local community involved and organize the efforts.

Among the local response to All Phase Glass’ drive is Door Control/Door Concepts ( and, a veteran owned and family operated business serving New England and parts of New York. Their specialty is automatic pedestrian door design, sales, service, and installation.

For those interested in being involved in the donation drive, the plan is for at least one tractor trailer (more depending on the response to the drive) of donations to be shipped down to Houston, TX.

Items being collected are:

  • New and used clothing  
  • Nonperishable food items  
  • Toiletries for all ages
  • Pet food

Donations are being collected through Monday, Sept. 11, 2017. Their facility is located at:

8 Collette Street

South Grafton, MA 01560

(508) 839-1991

There will be volunteers present over the weekend to collect donations for those unable to make it during the week. Checks and cash will not be accepted. All monetary donations should be sent to the American Red Cross, United Way, or other reputable and ethical organizations.

TUV USA, Inc. is proud to be a part of a community that shows such strength and compassion when the need arises.

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