Medical Division Team

Bradley Chen

Vice President
Medical Products Division, Americas


Michael Lin

Medical Technical Specialist Manager
Medical Products Division


Janice Harvey

Project Manager
Medical Products Division

844-488-8872 x 325

Janice Harvey has been with TUV USA since May 2016. In September 2016, she was moved to the Medical Products Division. She has a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Purdue University Global.

Linda Harvey

Linda joined TUV USA in April 2019 by assisting the TÜV NORD Medical Device International team. Starting in February 2020, she transitioned to working as a full-time Project Manager for TUV USA. She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

Kristen Newhall

Kristen joined TUV USA in March 2020 as an Administrative Assistant in the Medical Products Division. In 2021, she will transition to a Project Management role. She has a background in Anthropology and Business Administration from Franklin Pierce.