Client Manager

We are looking for someone for our Certification Team in Salem, NH

We are looking for the right people — people who want to innovate, achieve, grow and lead.  



  • Ensure that all the necessary activities of the certification processes are completed in compliance with TUV USA regulations and accreditation rules
  • As the primary contact of the customer the CM is responsible to ensure the fulfillment of the contracted services between TUV USA and the customer
  • As the primary contact for the auditors the CM is responsible to ensure that they deliver and complete the services as assigned and contracted
  • Monitor the level of satisfaction of the clients with regard to the services provided by TUV USA and take the necessary actions to maintain the customer with TUV USA, as long as these actions do not contradict TUV USA regulations and accreditation rules.

Client Manager

  • The client manager shall have the technical competency to support the calculation of audit time in accordance with ISO 17021 and associated IAF documents (other standards are preferred but not required)
  • Generate quotes and send them to the customer
  • Client Onboarding - collect all required documents from the Sales Team to open the project in accordance with the TUV USA onboarding process (i.e. signed contract, annexes, RFQ, calculations, etc.) and to ensure that these documents meet the requirements outlined in the TUV USA procedures and are in compliance with Once the correct documents are provided the Client Manager is responsible to:
  • Create a file on the server to save all information related to the client
  • Enter the Client in the related databases (e.g. Workflow, SAP, OASIS, etc.)
  • Maintain the information related to the clients on the server and in the databases.
  • The CM is responsible for all activities associated for clients whose audits require external approval (e.g. from other companies of the group such as TUV NORD CERT)

Project Management

  • Create and maintain the projects for the audits contracted by the clients in Workflow and in the applicable databases (e.g. OASIS).
  • Preparation and creation of audit calculations and quotes for existing customers
  • Audit Assignment & Scheduling
  • Liaise with customers and auditors to ensure that the audits are assigned and scheduled firm within the defined timelines
  • Provide all relevant and necessary information required for the audit to the assigned auditor
  • Ensure the audit plan is prepared and sent to client
  • Perform a pre-audit check
  • Monitor Post Audit Activities
  • Responsible for monitoring the timeliness of the post audit activities and supporting the Certification Manager as required (receipt of Audit Reports, Administrative Reviews, Technical Reviews, NC Maintenance, Certificate Issuance)


  • Assist the Finance Division with the billing of clients and payment of subcontractors
  • Propose and perform amendments to TUV USA quality management system documents, especially those related to Client Management activities
  • Provide input to and work with the data base developers to improve databases (Workflow)
  • Support Quality Manager with the planning of Witness Audits required by the Accreditation Bodies
  • Support the Operations Manager in special projects (i.e. trainings, workshops, developing work instructions)
  • Support actions for the maintenance of the qualification of auditors

Required Skills

  • Excellent Organizational Skills
  • Solution Oriented
  • Ability to maintain diplomacy and professionalism (especially in the resolution of conflicts)
  • Team work
  • Ability to learn new processes (standards) independently
  • Confidence
  • Responsible & considerate of others
  • Computer literacy (e.g. Microsoft Office Package, Internet and use of Software)
  • Discipline for working without constant supervision (e.g. home office working)

Please send your application and resume to:

Lisa McKiel

Office Manager & Human Resources Administrator

844-488-8872 x240

Lisa joined TUV USA in 2013 as a part-time receptionist, but has since grown exponentially. Lisa has many "hats" at TUV. Her roles include: Office Manager, Human Resources Administrator, Project Manager, and Assistant to the Managing Director.