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Quality Topics

More with IATF 16949 Part 1: Product Safety

One of the new requirements of IATF 16949 standard is expressed on clause about product safety. At first view, it sounds an originally new and fresh requirement which needs a lot to do in implementation. But reviewing the requirement it makes reader to -ask a principal question: “Does this new requirement about product safety mean that ISO/TS16949 was an unripe specification about product safety?”
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8 Mistakes Your QMS Makes

A Quality Management System – any management system, is only as good as the sum of its parts. Lots of things go right, and we all try our best. Yet, out in the world I see the same mistakes over and over again. I want to share those things with you now. Here they are, in a particular order. 1st of 8 Mistakes: Focusing on Manufacturing
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Training Effectiveness Guide for Quality Management Systems

Verification of training effectiveness is required by most of the frequently used management system standards. Even companies with well-established training programs struggle with how to evaluate and moreover, how to realize value from their efforts. Naturally, I see many methods of verification of training effectiveness in my audits – sometimes inspiring, sometimes – not so much. At the very least, it all makes me think. Without giving away anyone’s secrets, I thought I’d share my own thoughts.
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Connectivity and the Threat to Data Security

In the modern world, technology is pervasive. It impacts all areas of life from basic human interaction to how we shape and work with the world around us. From its inception in the 1980s, the internet has been a growing part of technology, encouraging increasing connectivity and the growth of the IoT (Internet of Things). The invention of the computer replaced many older-fashioned technologies (or was incorporated into them). For example, various versions of the cash register have been around for centuries.
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