AS 9100 Revision D Transition

AS 9100 Revision D Transition Checklist

This checklist is designed to be used to identify the requirements of the AS9100 Revision D in comparison (as in gap analysis) to the requirements of Revision C. It is not a checklist of the entire requirements of AS9100D standard. In the “Additional Requirements” section, differences between the Rev. C and Rev. D requirements are identified. Since the clauses have been renamed, renumbered and re-sequenced, it is assumed that an AS9100 Rev. D Quality Manual and associated procedures will undergo a complete revision. Where there are no additional requirements listed, the requirements between Rev. C and Rev. D are essentially the same, with the exception of language changes such as “Externally provided processes, products and services” instead of “Purchasing” or “Leadership” instead of “Management Commitment.”


For an organization that does not intend to perform a complete revision of its Quality Manual and associated procedures, this checklist can be used as a “compliance matrix.” The intent for a compliance matrix is to identify where in the current QMS documentation the AS 9100D requirement has already covered—the Quality Manual or procedure reference and paragraph number would be entered into the “Where Covered” column. If an AS9100D requirement is not met in the current Quality Manual or associated procedure, the expectation is that an additional procedure or addendum would be created on an interim basis.