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Food Safety Fundamentals

Entry-level Food Safety Code for small or developing food and pet food manufacturers.

Will not be GFSI benchmarked.

Summary of Changes

  • Use of the term “site” (rather than "supplier," "facility," etc.) to describe the entity described in the scope of certification used through out the Code.
  • Quality elements (formerly level 3) now found in SQF Quality Code.
  • The term "pre-requisite programs" has been changed to use "Good Manufacturing Practices/Good Distribution Practices/Good Agricultural Practices/Good Aquacultural Practices, etc." as appropriate
  • Mandatory elements now designated as “(Mandatory)”
  • Terminology used is now specific to the food sector per Code.

Review the Summary of Changes: SQF Food Safety Fundamentals 


Other SQF Certifications

SQF - Food Safety Code for Primary Production

Formally SQF Level 2 Addresses the food safety requirements for Categories 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 Modules 6, 6, 7 & 8
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SQF Quality Code

Formally SQF Level 3 Standard for sites already certified to an SQF Food Safety Code. Can be combined with: Primary Production Manufacturing Storage and Distribution Manufacture of Food Packaging Codes: 1, 3-22, 25-27, 31-34 * SQF Quality Code does not apply to the SQF - Retail Code
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SQF Certification

Certification of an SQF System is an assurance that the supplier’s food safety plans have been implemented in accordance with the HACCP method and applicable regulatory requirements and that they have been verified and determined effective to manage food safety.
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Food Safety Division

Food Safety Division


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