As of January 1, 2018 all Audits are to be conducted under Edition 8 of the SQF Code

(Level 2)

SQF Code

The SQF Code is a process and product certification standard which is applicable for all sectors of the food industry from primary production to transport and distribution. The main feature of the SQF Code is its emphsis on the systematic application of HACCP for control of food quality hazards as well as food safety. The implementation of an SQF management system addresses a buyer’s food safety and quality requirements and provides the solution for business supplying local and global food markets.


In addition to the SQF Code, SQFI standards include an ethical sourcing code and management system, as well as a joint program with the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) that promotes safe animal feed and food production. The following are the current programs:

Safe Feed/Safe Food - a certified pro-gram designed for the total feed industry.

Ethical Sourcing - a supplement for SQF Certificate holders wanting to demonstrate their food has been grown and processed in a manner that meets standards of social and environmental responsibility.

A functioning management system enables individual company structure to be precisely tailored to meet the specific needs and specifications of the customer. Operating procedures can subsequently be flexibly designed in a manner that enables everyone to benefit.


Audit Scopes

SQFI recognizes that food safety practices differ depending on the food safety risk of the product, process and has designed the Code to meet the individual requirements of each industry sector. There are 35 different food sector categories which are listed in the attachment. The scope of the audit shall cover the required level of certification, the food sector categories, and the products listed under the scope of certification for a site. The audit scope shall cover all processes under the control of the supplier including from raw material receipt to shipment of finished product. 

Certification of an SQF System is an assurance that the supplier’s food safety plans have been implemented in accordance with the HACCP method and applicable regulatory requirements and that they have been verified and determined effective to manage food safety.

It is also a statement of the supplier’s commitment to:

  • produce safe quality food
  • comply with the requirements of the SQF Code
  • comply with applicable food legislation

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