BRCGS Culture Excellence Module

What is Culture Excellence?

Many Organizations are beginning to realize that despite investment in food safety training, system implementation and auditing, something is still missing.

This ‘something’ is the assessment of their food safety culture, which until now has been very difficult to measure.

Taylor Shannon International (TSI) are in-dustry leaders in the fields of food safety, management, education and organizational culture, and have developed an assessment of food safety culture, which demonstrates:

  • the role company culture plays in creatng an effective and responsive food safety and manufacturing environment
  • the link between culture and audit success. 



The lack of visibility over the aspects of a company that exist ‘below the surface’ makes it difficult for a business to assess its own food safety culture.

A Culture Excellence assessment converts what is often a broad or blurry concept into a measureable score and analysis which, if repeated annually, provides a baseline with which to compare the success of ongoing investments and changes.

Some aspects of food safety cultural excellence can be easily seen, such as facilities, documentation, visible behavior and certification. However, many aspects are not visible and lie below the surface, such as unspoken rules, accepted levels of service, values and priorities. This can make it difficult for a business to assess its own food safety culture. Food safety culture is a growing focus in the industry, and this module, delivers a thorough analysis and insight into working culture; complementing existing food safety programs with valuable understanding of a site’s culture and areas for action. The attainment of an effective culture is a key aim of the most advanced businesses. The culture excellence assessment meets this challenge by going beyond the period of the audit, and delves deeper into how the company operates through the entire year. It is innovative method of measuring food safety, giving a fuller understanding of the culture.




Culture Module for you

The Food Safety Culture Module is an assessment offered as an addition to the annual food safety audit, and provides manufacturers with insight into the culture of their organization.

It is carried out by the certification body at the same time as the audit and involves two questionnaires, both assessing company culture. One is completed by employees, and the other is completed by the external auditor following the audit.

Answers are measured across four categories: people, process, purpose and proactivity. These each comprise four dimensions, providing results which are both segmented and overarching.

This granular level of detail, provided in an Assessment Report (example below), makes it easier to interpret the results, draw comparisons between sites, gain greater insight, and facilitate continuous improvement.

The Food Safety Culture Module offers many benefits for manufacturers, specifiers and the wider industry. Culture has previously been an intangible aspect of operating a business, but this assessment provides a way to evaluate food safety culture, identify areas for development, and measure the success of changes over time as a company’s culture evolves.

Culture Excellence - Key Benefits

  • Determines strengths and weaknesses in food safety capability
  • Provides real insight into staff opinion, attitude, and behavior
  • Provides multi-site businesses with a benchmarking tool to com-pare sites to each other
  • Reveals the ‘unseen’ culture that goes beyond the day of audit
  • Complements the existing audit program with a behavior-based approach
  • Strengthens your reputation through a proactive approach to food safety culture
  • Offers significant return for a low cost and hassle-free module added to annual audit
  • Measures the impact of training, systems, and other initiatives
  • Evaluates return on investment of budget and identifies the most important targets for resource allocation
  • Develops supply chain awareness and supports site-specifier partnerships built on increased confidence
  • Adds value to BRCGS food safety certification as a product exclusive to BRCGS Global Standards