BRCGS Complete Products Certification

Manufacturers and suppliers are required to provide their customers with safe and secure legal products. They must therefore ensure that the goods comply with the applicable regulations in all countries and regions in which they are developed, produced, marketed, advertised and sold.

What is BRCGS Consumer Products?

The BRCGS Global Standard for Consumer Products is a global GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) scheme. BRCGS Consumer Products programs are in place to protect your company brand and the consumer. It helps you to enforce compliance and transparency when reported on the BRCGS Directory.

BRCGS Consumer Products is now in its 4th Issue,  a risk-based approach to product safety and certification. BRCGS offers a straight forward certification process. No hidden costs. 

BRCGS certification will result in a reduction of waste, recalls, customer complaints and product rejections.  

BRCGS insists its auditors are highly trained and experienced. BRC has its own auditor exams under the different product categories.

BRCGS was built by experts and is cultivated by highly qualified auditors.

Who needs BRCGS Consumer Products Certification?

The certification is suitable for Producers and intermediaries of a wide range of consumer goods - especially for brand-name manufacturers.

  • Personal Care & Household Goods
  • General Merchandise

Benefits of BRCGS Consumer Products

Many retailers and manufacturers only accept suppliers with BRCGS certification. Following a successful audit, the capability of suppliers is documented by listing and registration on the BRCGS database, in effect raising the profile of the individual supplier. In addition, certification leads to image enhancement, reduces risks and warranty claims and helps contribute to overall product safety.

TUV USA, INC. has auditors who are qualified in several fields, allowing TUV USA to offer effective and low-cost combined audits (e.g. in association with other management systems/product safety systems).

  • a premiere GFSI benchmarked program
  • globally recognized 
  • increases customer assurance
  • distinct risk-based requirements
  • culminating product safety improvements result in a reduction of recalls, complaints and rejected product
  • BRCGS Directory recognition 
  • HACCP based standard incorporated with food safety management systems
  • Internationally accepted best practices for quality assurance and safety.
  • Cost effective - only one audit necessary and accepted globally
  • Extensively trained and experienced BRCGS Auditors

Benefits of New Issue 4

  • Wider scope - including raw material manufacturers and wholesale products
  • aligned with ISO 9001 and ISO 22716
  • new voluntary modules
  • more time spent on the production floor during the audit

The Route to the Certificate

Customer Inquiry

Offer from TUV USA based on the information provided

Order of certification

Audit Planning

Certification Audit

Non-conformance management (where necessary)

Release of the Certification Process

Issuance of the Certification - Validity: 3 years, monitoring audits depending on the risk category of the respective product