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1 - Hour

1:00 PM EST


Complimentary Informative Webinar

Course Overview

With the trend of increasing technological complexity, software content and mechatronic implementation, we are facing increasing risks from systematic failures and random hardware failures. Therefore, there is a need for a standard in the market, which will address functional safety concerns.

With the development of ISO 26262 series of standards, these provide guidance to mitigate functional safety risks with the implementation of appropriate requirements and processes. Functional safety involves identifying specific hazardous failures which will lead to serious consequences such as death and establishing maximum tolerable frequency targets for each failure mode.

ISO 26262 describes a framework for functional safety in order to assist the development of safety-related E/E (electric/electronic) systems. This framework is intended to be used for integrating functional safety activities into a company-specific development framework such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) and Project Management.


What can the participants expect to learn?

  • Overview of Safety and Functional Safety.
  • Understand the V-Model.
  • ISO 26262 Standard Overview.
  • Understand SeooC, SOTIF, FuSa and Cybersecurity for Automotive Industry.
  • TUV’s ISO 26262 Process


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