1-Day ISO 26262 (Automotive Functional Safety) Understanding the Requirements Course

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Katie Lehoullier



9:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST



$695.00 USD/CAD


Participants will receive the below certificates at the conclusion of the course. All certificates are issued by TUV USA.

The attendee will receive our Certificate of Participation after completing full attendance in our class.

The attendee will receive our Certificate of Achievement after successfully completing the written examination.

Course Overview

During this course, the application and requirements of ISO 26262 Series Standards will be discussed in one day and in four modules. This 1-day course contains intensive information and is a highly recommended entry for functional safety practitioners. Through lectures, discussion and workshops, we will review the requirements of ISO 26262 Series Standards and its application to your company.


Module 1: Introduction of Automotive Supply Chain and Product Liability

In this module, you will learn about the basic information of automotive development updates in electric/electronics systems, special requirements in automotive supply chain, product safety and product liability.


Module 2: Introduction of Functional Safety (FuSa)

In this module, you will learn the basic information of functional safety across the industries, the concept of functional safety in automotive, the applicable scope of ISO26262, HARA and FMEDA.


Module 3: Introduction of ISO26262 Series Standards

In this module, you will learn the structure of ISO26262, the V-model of product development and the aspect of each part of the ISO26262 Series Standards. 


Module 4: Introduction of Trusted Process, Product and Site

In this module, you will learn the applicable parts of ISO26262 for different purpose on process, product and production. TUV certification scheme to different applications and personal certification program to functional safety.


Who should attend?

  • Personnel in an organization with responsibility for implementing ISO 26262 Series Standards
  • Departmental managers and supervisory staff new to ISO 26262 Series Standards
  • Personnel with responsibility for designing and implementing automotive functional safety system


The attendee shall have a basic knowledge of automotive industry.  

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will achieve the following learning outcomes after completing the course:

  • Understanding of Functional Safety (FuSa) and ISO 26262.
  • Understanding of Functional Safety Management (FSM), FuSa Development Production and Operation Processes
  • TUV’s ISO 26262 Certification Schemes and Process