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Most organizations have little to no visibility into their supply chain operations, making them vulnerable to potential global exposures. Companies involved in any business need to protect their brand and manage the supply chain risks to demonstrate compliance, good corporate social responsibility and meet legal compliance if they want to be competitive, reputable and reduce supply chain disruption. Supply Chain Audits can be an improvement tool to achieve that competitive edge.

TÜV UK’s supply chain audit service enables organizations to gain complete visibility into their suppliers’ practices worldwide. Our audits are customizable, allowing each client to structure the audit and audit report as they like. Examples include company requirements / expectations, applicable legal and regulatory requirements, best practices, etc…

Target groups

Supply chain Audits are particularly aimed at all levels of an organization where supplier management is a critical matter for the performance of the organization; this can include manufacturing, construction, logistics, aviation, automobile industry etc... An independent audit is recommended for all supply companies and organizations to discover areas of improvement in supplying services and products.


Clients gain from continuous optimization and better compliance of the supply chain and better market opportunities as a result of improved efficiency. In addition, delivery time in the supply chain can be reduced and the awareness of requirements is strengthened. The Supply Chain Audits offer continuous monitoring of suppliers from a neutral body. This serves as a proof to all stakeholders, top management and external parties that an efficient system for continuous improvement is in place and is a serious corporate objective. This also ensures better regulatory compliance.

The scope of our audit includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Quality
  • Environment & Energy
  • Health & Safety
  • Business Continuity
  • Information security
  • Social accountability

Our know-how for your success

TÜV’s global network is comprised of auditors and risk management professionals that have depth and breadth of experience, and are trained to assess your global supplier and corporate locations. With our team of competent auditors, validated audit mechanisms, vast experience and local & international presence enables us to quickly and efficiently schedule and execute audits. This guarantees independence and neutrality, and also means we can offer continuity in supporting our clients. The benefit to you is clear: our auditors accompany and support the development of your company and provide you with objective feedback.

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