Responsible Welding Co-ordinator

Course Overview

TÜV UK Ltd offers a Responsible Welding Coordinator (RWC) course to comply with the requirements of The Construction Products Regulations (CPR - 89/106-EEC) and BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011.

The two day course covers the tasks and responsibilities’ of a RWC, up to and including Execution Class 2.

Following the two day course there will be a one day onsite implementation review of the operation of the RWC.

Who runs the course - One of our team of dedicated welding engineers with over 20 years experience in the welding and fabrication industry.

The site assessment visit will be performed by TÜV UK Ltd personnel who are dedicated specialists in the field of welding and welding quality assurance.

Each candidate will receive a “Certificate of Competence” (up to and including Execution Class 2 of BS EN 1090-1) following the two day course and a successful site assessment by TÜV UK Ltd.

Do I need a RWC to comply with the CPR?

Yes, as part of the Factory Production Control system, there is a requirement for each company to nominate a Responsible Welding Coordinator in accordance with BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011.

RWC’s Responsibilities

The main aspects of the RWC’s responsibilities in accordance with EN ISO 14731:2006 include but are not limited to:

  • Review of technical and contractual requirements.
  • Sub-contract activities.
  • Qualification of welding procedures, welders & welding operators.
  • Development & review of weld procedure specifications.
  • Equipment suitability, maintenance & calibration.
  • Production planning.
  • Selection, suitability and control of materials & welding consumables.
  • Inspection and testing - before, during & after welding.

Course Content

  • Welding Health & Safety
  • Welding process technology (MAG, MMA, TIG & SAW)
  • Welding metallurgy of Carbon & Stainless Steel (Aluminium if required)
  • Welding design & welding symbols
  • Welding defects (Root causes, preventative measures & remedial actions)
  • Inspection techniques (Visual, NDT & destructive testing)
  • Preliminary weld procedure specifications (PWPS), Weld procedure qualification record (WPQR) & Weld procedure specifications (WPS) - Formulating, certifying & understanding.
  • Welder qualifications test certification (WQTC)
  • Welding quality systems & standards (compliance to BS EN 1090 / EN ISO 3834 / implementation of a Factory Production Control System)

Who is the RWC course aimed at?

The course is aimed at Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Foremen, Design Engineers, Project Engineers, Quality Assurance personnel, Welding Inspectors & Senior Welders who have a basic understanding of welding principles as outlined above and work in the structural fabrication industry with tasks and responsibilities structures up to & including Execution Class 2 of BS EN 1090-1.

Who are TÜV UK Ltd.

TÜV UK Limited is part of the TÜV NORD GROUP, with a worldwide workforce of more than 14,000 we are one of the world's largest technical service providers. Our highly qualified experts who operate throughout the entire country are supported by the head office based in London - Croydon. In addition, TÜV UK Ltd has access to the vast expertise of the TÜV NORD GROUP.

TÜV UK Ltd is a member of the following organisations:

  • Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed) and actively participates in its Technical Committees
  • European Confederation of Control, Inspection and Prevention Organisations (CEOC)
  • British Engineering Manufacturers Association (BEMA)

Our Accreditation

TÜV UK Ltd is a UKAS accredited Type “A” Third Party Inspection Organisation (UKAS Accreditation Number 0033), Certification Body (UKAS Accreditation Number 065) and Notified Body (0879) for services according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive. TÜV UK Ltd is able to offer accreditation to ISO 3834-1:2005, BS EN 1090-1:2009 +A1:2011 and ISO 9001 to ensure compliance with The Construction Products Regulations (CPR - 89/106-EEC)

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