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Optimal materials for production and operation

TÜV UK Ltd can witness material testing according to British, European and International standards and specific customer specifications; the results of the testing is documented by TÜV UK Ltd endorsing the steelmakers 3.2 certificate or issuing a TÜV UK Ltd, 3.2 certificate according to EN 10204. In order to ensure the traceability of semi-finished products, we undertake transfer of identification (re-stamping) and inspect the re-stamping process on site at finishing and trading companies.

Our specialists have many years of experience and wide-ranging expertise in the area of materials technology. By performing independent acceptance inspection and providing proofs of material compliance.

Our Services

  • Assessment of material, manufacturing and processing specifications
  • Materials testing and assessment, certification of materials and semi-finished products (metal plate, tubes, forged parts, cast parts of iron/steel and other metals)
  • Material inspection according to EN 10204
  • Manufacturing controls
  • Qualification of manufacturing procedures in all material-related fields

Our expertise:

  • Many years of experience
  • Experience with British, European and international regulations and standards
  • Fast reaction time
  • Global network of expert companies

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