End Point Assessment

TUV UK Ltd is an approved End Point Assessment Organisation providing End Point Assessment Services for level 2 & level 3 welding standards and also an active participant on the welding trailblazer committee.

Utilising a dedicated team of UK based Welding Engineers with experience in a vast array of procedures & materials we provide the technical support required to guide training providers & employers through the specifications of the welding standards helping all parties with high levels of  support throughout the whole process.

Our Staff are renowned for working impartially & independently to the benefit of our customers while providing the necessary support to guide the apprentices through their end point assessments.


TUV UK Ltd successfully delivered one of the first level 2 welding standard end point assessments in March 2019 so we understand what is required to support the training provider, employer & apprentice.

We offer a clear & competitive pricing structure and a large range of guidance materials to support training providers, employers and apprentices. We make your life easier with our team of welding experts and proactive service guiding you through your EPA journey to book and manage your assessments.

What is Endpoint Assessment

The aim of the end point assessment is to determine if the apprentice has attained the required level of skills, knowledge and behaviour as listed in the Apprenticeship Standard. There are 3 parts to the end point assessment that covers the different aspects of the Standard which in its entirety delivers the total assessment required as shown below:

  1. A theoretical knowledge test using multiple choice question papers containing generic questions relevant to all welders and specific questions relevant to the theoretical part of the skill/knowledge modules selected by the employer.
  2. A practical/oral examination comprising two practical tests and an oral examination. The practical tests will be carried out in accordance with a recognised industry specification and will be in the most difficult welding positions for the skill/knowledge modules selected. The Authorised Examiner (Appendix 1), responsible for supervising the tests, will also conduct an oral examination to assess the apprentice’s understanding of the tests he/she is undertaking and of the wider responsibilities of a welder.
  3. A professional interview which is designed to do two things: firstly, to further explore the apprentice’s knowledge relevant to his/her role and, secondly, to assess if the apprentice’s occupational behaviours meet the requirements specified in the Apprenticeship Standard.  

In order to be successful the apprentices must pass all three parts.

When is the Apprentice ready for End Point Assessment

There are no mandatory gateways for entry to the end-point assessment. However, the Apprentice must achieve the required level of English and Mathematics. The employer must also be satisfied that the Apprentice has undertaken sufficient training to be ready to attempt the end point assessment. This will be ascertained by the apprentice and employer holding a review meeting. In order to facilitate this it is strongly recommended that Training Bodies have in place systems of continuous on-programme assessment of knowledge, skills and behaviours in order to enable an informed decision to be made about when apprentices, nearing completion of the programme, are ready for the end-point assessment. Records of these assessments should be kept and made available to the Assessment Organisation prior to the end-point assessment. All parts of the end-point assessment are to be carried out under the direct control of the Assessment Organisation. Assessments may be conducted on the employer’s premises, at the Training Body, at the Assessment Organisation’s premises or at a mixture of the three. The Assessment Organisation is responsible for ensuring that the equipment and facilities required for the end-point assessment are in place, regardless of where the assessment is carried out. 

Reasons to choose TUV UK Ltd as your End Point Assessment Organisation

We offer unrivalled expertise and support from our welding engineers who are time served in the welding sector.

The added security of service & certification from an accredited Global Inspection Company whose Certificates are valued throughout the World.

If you are interested please contact us via the enquiries e mail, call back or send us the application form:

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