PAS 43

Safe working of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations

Vehicles that are incapacitated due to a breakdown or accident carry a high risk of causing danger to their occupants and other road users and are a potential cause of traffic congestion. The rapid and unhindered attendance of a competent road recovery operator is a means of reducing these risks.

In order to meet legislation, standards and best practice, and in the best interests of the public, there is a need to promote standards of safe working amongst road recovery operators.

PAS 43 contains requirements for the management of road recovery operators with the aim of increasing safety and promoting best practice

PAS 43

PAS 43 is the industry standard for the recovery and breakdown industry and is a Management System specification for Safe working of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations.

  • This standard is a requirement for most club and insurance work as well as police contracts.
  • TUV offer accreditation in conjunction with ISO9001 which also approves your office operations at the same time.
  • To be a certified company you will need to meet the recommendation's laid down in PAS 43.

PAS 43 came into effect on in May 2002 and was sponsored and developed by SURVIVE (Safe Use of Roadside Verges in Vehicular Emergencies).

SURVIVE is a partnership between the Government, the Police Service, motoring services organisations and the motoring industry. SURVIVE aims to improve the safety of road recovery operators’ employees and customers in breakdown, recovery and removal situations.

PAS 43 specifies a management system for road recovery operators. The requirements contained within it are intended to secure the health and safety of road recovery operator technicians and road users.

It promotes best practice procedures for:

a) attending vehicle breakdowns at the roadside;

b) the recovery and/or removal of vehicles from the roadside; and

c) other aspects of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal by specifying requirements for:

1) the type, maintenance and safety marking of road recovery vehicles and their equipment

2) the training and behaviour of road recovery technicians

3) the use of personal protective equipment (PPE) by road recovery technicians

4) the maintenance and organisation of road recovery operators’ premises

5) the effective implementation and maintenance of standard operating procedures

In short PAS 43 requires the following to be achieved

  • Operatives and all staff are trained to the required standard.
  • Vehicles and all associated equipment tested and certified to the required standard. (LOLER)
  • All vehicles and equipment inspected and serviced to the agreed standards and time table.
  • All vehicle livery and lighting has to be to standards agreed.
  • All records to be kept to the standards agreed.
  • All management systems and documentation has to be to the required standard.
  • Insurance is to be to required standard.
  • All safety management systems to be in place and fully monitored to required Standards
  • Users of PAS 43 are advised to also consider quality system assessment and registration to BS EN ISO 9001.

Combined ISO 9001 & PAS 43 assessment versus standalone PAS 43 inspection

Combined ISO 9001 and PAS 43 assessment is potentially a cheaper option than PAS via the inspection route.

The Inspection only route requires the inspection body to inspect every truck a company has every year.

ISO 9001 and PAS 43 assessments allow TÜV UK to assess a sample of the trucks. This is because the record keeping of the system must be to 9001 standards allowing us to inspect vehicle servicing records etc. The result therefore is that we actually need less time to conduct the assessment.

TÜV UK Limited has been assessed and accredited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and can in conjunction with ISO 9001 certification, provide certification against PAS 43 - Safe working of vehicle breakdown, recovery and removal operations and is also approved to accredit companies to the related NHSS 17 standard which is a requirement of amongst others the Highways Agency for operating contracts on the England’s main road network.

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