Sustainable Biomass

Certification of organisations in the area of sustainable biomass

Worldwide demand for bioenergy and biofuels is rising – but at the same time, natural landscapes and biodiversity should remain intact. Certification by TÜV NORD testifies to sustainable production of bioenergy and biofuels for vehicles and other applications as required by EU legislation. This means that certified organizations are able to continue marketing biomass and its end products as biofuel in the EU and can benefit from competitive advantages through the provisions of the UK Renewable Energy Schemes.

TÜV NORD certifies based on the requirements of the ISCC DE, ISCC EU and REDcert certification systems

We offer certifications on an international basis: according to EU Directive 2009/28/EC on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources. The certifications are directed towards all economic operators who are considered to be “interfaces” or “transporters” in the sense of the standards and regulations – from recording of the biomass in UK or abroad, through trading and logistics up to final processing. Within the auditing framework, compliance with the rules of the relevant certification system with regard to manufacture, transportation, storage and processing of the biomass is assessed at intervals of maximum twelve months.

Advantage of Certification

Our global network of qualified auditors certifies sustainable biomass used for the production of biofuels and bioenergy at each step in the supply chain. Certification of sustainable biomass usage is vital in order to strengthen your market position. Starting with the farmers and agricultural traders, followed by agricultural processing mills, to biodiesel and bioethanol plants, and finally to the biofuel traders and autonomous warehouses we cover every stage in the chain of custody.

In the food and biomass industries, TÜV NORD certifications provides an opportunity for the producers, processors, retailers to demonstrate their commitment towards sustainably managing their supply chains thus opening the door to increased market potential.

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