Second Party Audits / Supplier Audits

Second Party Audits / Supplier Audits

Second-party auditing service (also known as a supply chain audit program) enables you to gain complete visibility into your suppliers’ practices worldwide. 

Because work is increasingly divided into separate stages and the number of actors within supply chains, it is extremely complicated to assess supplier quality and process capability and also possible risks and opportunities. A conscientious audit program for all suppliers binds many organizational resources, and it is often not possible or too costly for in-house staff to perform the necessary work. Sometimes audits of international suppliers also have to be carried out all over the world. This is where we come in.

Our audits can be a valuable instrument in order to create transparency through the entire supply chain and help you to make a considered selection of suppliers on a sustainable, reliable basis. From the nonconformities and also good practices that are identified, it is possible to find potential for improvement and clarify and eliminate problems within supplier relationships.

Our experienced auditors will verify that your suppliers are meeting requirements. Additionally, we can work with you to create a supplier development program that supports your suppliers’ corrective action and process improvement efforts.