amfori BSCI certification (verification)

amfori BSCI: Code of conduct for social responsibility and sustainability in the supply chain

Nowadays, the subject of Corporate Social Responsibility is attracting increasing attention in the media and in society as a whole: within the framework of risk management and corporate ethics, and in particular, against the background of worldwide outsourcing, companies must ensure that their suppliers behave responsibly towards both people and the environment.

With the special amfori BSCI supplier audit, you can ensure that your suppliers behave responsibly towards people and the planet.

BSCI is an initiative of the Foreign Trade Association (FTA), the leading business association of European and international commerce that brings together over 1,500 retailers, importers, brands and national associations to improve the political and legal framework for trade in a sustainable way. 

The BSCI and its members follow a positive, non-confrontational approach to compliance and want to heighten supplier's and manufacturer's awareness of their social responsibilities and occupational health and safety issues. The BSCI aims to reward the suppliers' good will and willingness to cooperate.


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Benefits of an audit according to the amfori BSCI code of conduct

Inside your organisation

  • Improvement of internal management processes
  • Risk management optimisation
  • Time and cost saving through avoidance of multiple audits
  • Focus on improvements and problem solving

Looking towards the outside

  • Promotion of fairer and safer working conditions
  • Strengthening the trust of customers and business partners
  • Making new business contacts

Audit procedure for amfori BSCI certification (verification)

Overview of the amfori BSCI audit

Good to know: amfori BSCI is not a certification, but a verification.
amfori BSCI performs different types of audits. Audits can be performed completely announced, partly announced or unannounced.
Compare with a certification, verification does not guarantee that the audited organization fulfills the requirements completely. 
Verification to amfori BSCI only demonstrates the extent to which the audited organization meets the requirements.

Why choose us?

  • Global and professional team of experts.
  • TUV NORD Taiwan has experienced social compliance auditors (over 10 years on average ) in auditing social standards. 
  • TUV NORD Taiwan has APSCA-CSCA qualified auditors to perform localized social compliance standard certification.

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