Common Criteria - Information Technology Security Evaluation

Common Criteria - Information Technology Security Evaluation

Common Criteria, in the IT sector often simply shortened to CC, are an international security standard for software and hardware products.

It is a systematic process of evaluating and certifying the security functionality and assurance requirements of ICT products (or systems) based on an International Standard known as Common Criteria (CC) or ISO/IEC 15408, and also known as Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation.

Common Criteria is a unique field in the IT industry. It’s an area that requires unique expertise to certify your products. It’s a unique community only very few entities in the world are qualified to issue certificates to global well-known names such as IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, Samsung, Infineon, etc.

With an independent entity under TÜV NORD, TÜV IT, specialized in this field, TÜV NORD Taiwan has not only assisted NCC (National Communication Committee) of Taiwan to setup the first common criteria lab in Asia, but also other successful projects across Asia. To ensure your products to be certified by dedicated professionals in this area, to ensure the quality of your products is in the same position as other international brandings, TÜV NORD Taiwan will be your best partner to provide you the service.

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