ISO 22301 - Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 - Business Continuity Management System (BCMS)

With so many natural or man-made disasters happening these years, from SARS, nuclear power plant meltdown, earthquakes, Tsunami, what’s your biggest concern troubling your sleep? What’s your core business that can’t be stopped? Have you analyzed any potential impacts? What’s your disaster recovery plan? Do you have a business continuity plan afterward? Do you have the right methodology to ensure your plan will be executed accordingly?

Against the background of globalization and internationalization, uncontrollable influences such as natural catastrophes, political disturbances or the failure of IT systems often have far-reaching consequences. This is where a Business Continuity Management system (BCM) can help by ensuring preventive measures are in place: with the help of previously-defined plans, companies can overcome crisis scenarios and ensure the continuity of their business.

With the certification of a BCM system by the experts from TÜV NORD CERT, organizations receive an independent and qualified assessment of the effectiveness and reliability of their BCM system. The certification is based on the international norm ISO 22301, the follow-up of the British Standard BS 25999-2. 
The ISO 22301 is a framework for an organization/business to systematically approach and meet Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) requirements. It also specifies the requirement to implement and manage your BCMS in order to protect against and reduce the likelihood of a disruptive incident. Organizations with proper ISO 22301 in place would be able to respond swiftly to incidents and plan ahead on recovery procedures from disruptions when they occur.

TÜV NORD Taiwan is one of the very few certification bodies in Asia that can provide you IRCA approved training and certify your organizations with qualified professionals. From Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, Disaster Recovery Plan to Business Continuity Plan, TÜV NORD Taiwan can assist you to complete your business continuity management system you can sleep with!

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