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Facing the serious consequences of global warming, climate change has emerged as a real global challenge. Having been active in the field of environmental protection for more than 50 years, TÜV NORD, as one of the leading technical inspection organisations worldwide, has resolved to meet the challenge of climate change.

A broad public becomes familiar with terms like "Carbon Footprint" and "Carbon Neutral". The idea behind is to minimize or even compensate the individual carbon emissions. Carbon Neutrality can be achieved by investing in "shares" of carbon mitigation projects.

TÜV NORD's activities are focussed on providing additional confidence for clients who "invest" in such projects by certifying the transaction system and / or the carbon footprint calculation and / or the quality of the mitigation projects. Furthermore TÜV NORD provides several instruments for companies and other organisations to certify extraordinary efforts to fight global warming like "Carbon neutral product / production" and "Active Climate Protection" - Certificates which allows for utilization of an advanced climate commitment for marketing purposes.

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