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Demonstrate hazard management

The standard defines the Occupational health & Safety management system requirements to which organization subscribes. The organisation develops the program to meet its policy, objectives and regulatory requirements and works towards continual improvement of the work environment and employee health & safety.


OHSAS 18001 is a globally recognized occupational health and safety management system. The standard defines the system for an organization related to health and safety of the employees and stake holders. The standard considers Prevention as an approach towards health & safety of employees.

An OHSAS 18001 certificate establishes that your organisation is committed to safety and health at the workplace. This proactive approach helps the organization to maintain the better long term relations with employees, contractors.

The standard gives a framework to assess hazards related to processes, work environment and the risks associated. The standard demands to establish the program to reduce the risks and improve upon. The revised standard of 2007 version gives equal importance to occupational health.

An international standard, OHSAS 18001 can integrate with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for environmental management systems. This is a preferred approach by management so as to take care of the risks related to product, environment and employees.

OHSAS 18001 certification

The occupational health and safety assessment series OHSAS 18001 helps organizations formulate occupational health and safety policies and objectives. The system implementation results in demonstrating the concern towards employees and safe working. The standard can be applied to Industrial as well as service sector. The extent of application of the certification will depend on factors like the occupational health and safety policy of the organisation, the nature of its activities, and the conditions under which it operates.

Benefits of adoption

  • Reduction in the number of accidents and interruptions in production due to better control over hazards at the workplace
  • Focus on employee safety results in a satisfied, motivated and highly productive work force
  • Legal compliance with minimal administrative effort Improves company image and boosts international competitiveness
  • Demonstrates an innovative and forward thinking approach
  • Reduction in insurance costs

Certification process

The certification process is a multiple-step process. The certification cycle:

  • Application for certification from client
  • Offer from TÜV NORD Thailand
  • Offer acceptance from client and order confirmation by TÜV NORD Thailand
  • Pre-audit (optional)
  • Certification audit – (Stage 1 + Stage 2)
  • Issue of certificate on successful completion of certification audit
  • Surveillance audits at defined interval
  • Recertification audit after 3 years

Our services

Structured approach to health & safety audit results in reducing accidents at work and ensuring failure-free operations can make a significant contribution to corporate success. OHSAS 18001 is structured to align closely with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, enabling businesses to set up an integrated management system with minimum outlay. Experienced safety auditors at TÜV NORD Thailand perform audits in accordance with this specification.

TÜV NORD Thailand 's certification and audits are designed to ensure that your organisation effectuates an integrated management system with prevention and occupational safety as the basis. Adoption of OSHAS 18001 brings about a reversal of health and safety-related problems and ushers in a more productive work environment.

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