Calibration Services

Calibration Services

Calibration is a process to verify the accuracy of measuring instruments.  This is done by comparing the objected measuring instrument with a standard either national standard or international standard or other certified references. 

The Quality Management System (ISO 9001 and ISO 17205) of labs and testing facilities needs effective measurement system, including a formal documented calibration process that is done periodically.

TÜV NORD Group provide calibration services that include:

  • Temperature (Glass Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, IR Thermometer, Oven, Incubator, Autoclave, Furnace, Oil Bath, Water Bath, Freezer, Refrigerator)
  • pH
  • Moisture Analyzer
  • Mass (Analytical Balance, Precision Balance, Weight)
  • Volume (Volumetric pipet, Volumetric flask, Measurements pipet, Measurement flask, Burette, Piknometer, etc.)
  • Dimension (Digital caliper, Dial caliper, Vernier caliper, Micrometer, Thickness Gauge etc.)

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