Testing and certification of portable power sources and batteries

Our approach to product quality and safety

It's a well established practice for manufacturers of batteries and portable power sources to conduct independent safety and quality assessments.   Beyond an internal risk assessment, manufacturers would also require product certification, with certificates issued by a third party testing body.   These certifications demonstrate product compliance with applicable regulations in target markets.

TÜV NORD offer testing services and certification according to IEC 60086-1 and IEC 60086-2 standards. 

Quality assurance and risk management

Batteries and portable power source are used universally by consumers, industries and commercial entities.  Thus, quality and safety are of paramount importance.  TÜV NORD ensures these power sources are effective and functionally safe, not posing health and environmental risks.  As a added value for third party testing, manufacturers can achieve reduction in product defects..

Our test and certification methodology

TUV NORD's test and certification process are as follows:

  1. Manufacturer to determine applicable standards for test and certification, based on countries for export
  2. Provide battery samples based on minimum and representative quantities required for testing
  3. Laboratory testing
  4. Provision of test report on whether product conforms to requirements of standard
  5. If product conforms to requirements of standard and if standard is certifiable, to issue certificates

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