ISO 14001 Environment Management

Address your risks and opportunities with environmental compliance

With recent amendments to Energy Conservation Act as well as Environment Protection and Management Act, companies in Singapore are now obliged to adopt greater awareness and responsibility for environmental protection.  Compliance aside, incentives have also been placed to help companies seize opportunities from managing emissions and adopting energy efficient processes. 

Implementing an Environmental Management System gives companies a competitive edge, reduces costs and adopt continuous improvement mindset for greater efficiency and less waste.  

These are benefits derived from implementation of environmental management system.

  • An increase in competitiveness
  • An improved image helps to open up new markets
  • Reduction in costs: waste, material & energy usage
  • Reduction in insurance premiums and carbon tax 
  • Reducing risk of environmental damage
  • Improvement in compliance with environmental legislation
  • Improvement in company's processes: Environmental management systems can be extended to an integrated management system including, quality and health and safety
  • The certification of integrated systems leads to cost reduction and an increase in efficiency

We provide certification as per ISO 14001 (worldwide acceptance). Since ISO 14001 include provisions for workplace environmental management system, it contributes towards sound corporate governance for  businesses and companies.

The important elements of ISO 14001 are:

  • Environmental policy
  • Planning
  • Implementation and execution
  • Checks and corrective measures
  • Evaluation by upper management

Customer Guidelines for Certification of Management Systems

It describes the requirements of the management systems certification process offered by TUV NORD Singapore. It describes the procedures and rules by which TUV NORD Singapore manages certification, granting a certificate, and the continuation of certification, as well as the auditee / inspection customer responsibilities for maintaining certification.

Please click HERE for ISO50001 Energy Management Certification 

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