Use of TÜV ME Logo

  • The TÜV Middle East (TÜV ME) mark of conformity or logo is issued to valid certified clients on successful completion of the certification process
  • The logo is used to indicate conformity to a management system only
  • The TÜV ME mark cannot be used on any product
  • No individual or organization is authorized to make changes to the logo issued.
  • The logo shall be used for the intended purpose and in no way shall be used in a misleading manner
  • The mark is the sole property of TÜV ME, and any misuse may warrant action
  • Contact us for detailed guidance on the use of the TÜV ME mark of conformity / logo
  • In case of any evident misuse of the TÜV ME mark of conformity, please contact us

Contact Us On : 

TÜV Middle East W.L.L.

P O Box 46030, Office No.1, Floor M, Danat Tower A, Airport Road Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

+971 2 4411146
Fax : +971 2 4411147