As many countries in the word have taken practical measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we, at TUV Middle East, are following the same strict practices to safely fulfill the requirements of our customers, bearing in mind the health and safety of our staff, and taking our slogan “Making Your Life Safer” as our beacon. We realize that this health situation has already been disruptive to many businesses across the globe and wanted to share facts about what we are doing to support both our customers and employees.

We live in extraordinary times. The world has changed beyond recognition in the last few weeks, and the global business community had to adapt in ways we could not have previously experienced. There is tremendous resilience across the industry, and we know that our customers will face challenges in the road ahead.

As for the recent development and the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic, and to ensure our customers businesses are safe and well supported, we have taken practical measures to ensure the smooth running of our operations and guarantee the safety of our staff and their adherence to the instructions of WHO (World Health Organization) and MOH (Ministry of Health). To make sure that our employees and facilities are safe from the coronavirus pandemic, we have taken the following practical measures as part of our business continuity plan:

  • Moving our support teams to work from home in a thoughtful, choreographed manner. This ensures your businesses continue to receive excellent service and support as well as keep our employees safe. 
  • Reducing the number of inspectors, auditors and trainers by developing shift schedule. 
  • Implement online audits and virtual video training and examinations. This ensures that certification and training needs of our customers will be covered and maintained as needed. 
  • Working closely with our suppliers to make sure that the supplies are made timely.

TUV Middle East has been in business for more than 30 years. Over these years, we have weathered industry and financial crises, supporting customers and working together with you to keep doing business, to keep giving quality services in the face of adversity.

As you know, TÜV Middle East, established in 1989, is a subsidiary of TÜV NORD German Group founded in 1889. The group is a leading technical services provider bringing more than 30 years of local experience and 150 years globally in more than 80 countries. TÜV Middle East is serving GCC countries through our Head Office in Abu Dhabi, UAE with offices in Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar with the following primary services:

  • Technical Inspection Services; Providing Technical Services in the fields of Inspection, Testing & Examination. 
  • Management Systems Certification & Auditing Services (ISO); Certification of organizations for various management systems, mainly ISO standards. Supplier audits, compliance audits. 
  • Training & Certification of Personnel; Providing Technical, Management & HSE Training Services & Certification of Personnel. 
  • Product Certification; Providing Product Certification Services & issuance of Certificate of Conformity.
  • HSE Services; For Consultations & Studies in Lifting Equipment, Elevators, Scaffolding, Alarms, Fire Equipment, Emergency Plans, Environmental Measurements and Safety Systems. 
  • Testing Laboratories; Providing Quality Services in the Food & Environmental Testing. 

Our success is centered on providing the appropriate expertise with quality services to enable our customers to have safe and reliable operations and services.

As a company proudly serving the inspection, certification, testing, training and advisory, we know how the best-in-class service provided on time is helping our customers maintaining their business during difficult and complex times like these.

As the situation evolves, we will be investing in our capabilities, support and reacting in real-time will make the difference and ensuring we are here supporting our customers through this pandemic situation.

Saleh H. Al Suwaiti
Chief Executive Officer

TÜV Middle East W.L.L.

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