Energy monitoring

Energy monitoring

Digitalization has become an important part of business development. Companies all around the world are implementing latest technologies to withstand the competition against other players. Whether it is a production, office building or a sports center, there is an energy consumption which must be monitored so that facility may operate efficiently. However, energetically inefficient processes, technologies that consume too much energy exist at every enterprise, for example: equipment of too heavy capacity, uncontrolled pumps and engines, leaks in compressor systems, use of unnecessary light, absence of occupancy sensors for lighting and similar unnecessary sources of energy consumption. The best solution for reducing energy costs is to identify energy efficiency potential of the enterprise and to carry out appropriate measures dedicated to enhancement of its energy performance. To identify energy efficiency potential on a daily basis, online energy monitoring is the best solution.

TUV NORD Baltik offers monitoring device together with user-friendly online platform to monitor energy consumption and detect human factor related energy waste. For example, our solution together with CO2 sensor can be connected to ventilation system to make it operate more efficiently. You will be able to see if ventilation system is operating on needed level, to fulfill required amount of fresh air in a building. If CO2 level is low, but ventilation system is operating at full power, our monitoring solution will detect that problem, and inform you. At the customer's choice, it is possible to sign an energy management agreement. Experienced energy auditors of enterprises will ensure rational use of energy resources by providing regular recommendations.

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