ISO 500001 energy management system

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Energy management system (according to ISO 50001)

ISO 50001 Energy management system  is an effective tool  of energy management that perfectly fits for large branched companies.

This solution provides systematic control, analysis of energy consumption and enhancement of energy efficiency.


  • regular thorough analysis of energy consumption
  • ability to prompotly react  to deviations from the set energy consumption targets 
  • a certificate meets the requirements of  Energy Efficiency legislation all over Europe (especially useful for companies with large affiliates in Lithuania and Estonia)
  • staff discipline
  • additional tool for creating a positive corporate identity.


Necessary investments:

  • constant load of human resources
  • requires regular monitoring (supervision)
  • annual additional costs for certification.

The implementation time term is 3 months minimum. The certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of its issue, provided a supervisory audit is carried out each year.

The energy management system has a key role to play in defining energy efficiency goals and objectives and in documenting procedures for their achievement. To set realistic and achievable goals, the enterprise conducts a detailed energy audit, the main steps of which are similar to the steps of the company's energy audit .

In course of the audit there should be set the breakdown of energy consumption, energy efficiency indicators and the benchmark to be reached, as well as an action plan developed to improve energy efficiency. The energy management system covers measurement, documentation and reporting procedures, employee involvement in improving energy efficiency, as well as effective planning and procurement requirements for new technologies for equipment, systems and processes.


The main difference in energy management system from the company's energy audit is that after the system has been implemented, the company must continuously follow the achieved energy performance by conducting an internal audit of the system and preparing a management activity report. The annual report should include information on the actions carried out, assess achievements, look at the challenges and obstacles needed to be addressed, and draw up a future action plan. Such a system allows the company to accurately assess changes in energy consumption and aim to improve energy efficiency. When choosing to introduce an energy management system, the management of the company should be aware that it needs additional labour resources and investments to implement the monitoring system.

The introduction of an energy management system within the company usually involves competent consultants who should be able to develop the necessary documentation and assessment methodologies. In order for the energy management system to comply with the prescribed regulations of the law, it must be certified to the requirements of ISO 50001 by an associated conformity assessment entity. System certification is valid for 3 years. Since the basic sections of the energy management system standard are similar to those of the other standards, it can be integrated into quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001) systems by making the necessary additions and certifying them accordingly.


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