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Personnel certification center

TUV NORD Baltik certifies brazers in accordance with following regulations and standards:

Scheme of certification (for welders, brazers, welding and brazing operators, resistance weld setters)

Certification process includes:

  • 1. Registration of the candidate. To apply for certification the candidate or his employer has to fill in an appropriate application for certification and submit following documents:
    • copy of  passport
    • copy of qualification certificate that proves completion of theoretical and practical training courses
    • photos (if required, 4 x 5 cm, 2 pieces).

For each separate sphere there must be submitted a separate application for certification.

  • 2. Preparation for examination process (review of documents and compilation of information)
  • 3. Examination of competence of a candidate
  • 4. Performance of necessary laboratory tests
  • 5. Certification of a candidate (award of a qualification certificate).

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