TÜV NORD GROUP, 데이터센터 트레이닝 개최

데이터 센터 교육으로 미래를 향해 나아갑니다. TÜV NORD GROUP이 TSI.프로페셔널 데이터 센터 교육을 진행합니다.  

TÜV NORD GROUP 이 TSI.프로페셔널 데이터 센터 교육을 개최합니다.
가용성 및 물리적 보안 측면과 관련된 데이터 센터의 설계, 구축 및 운영 원칙의 기본 사항을 교육합니다

1,000개 이상의 데이터 센터 평가 및 인증 프로젝트를 통해 얻은 경험과 노하우를 활용할 수 있습니다.

수강자들은 TSI 구조, 적용 및 프로세스에 대한 좋은 교육을 받게 될 것입니다.

  • 교육 담당: TÜV NORD GROUP
  • 교육 시기: 2022.10.18-10.20
  • 교육 장소: 온라인 교육
  • 교육 안건: 데이터센터 설계, 구성, 운영원리,인증 준비
  • 교육 대상: 데이터센터 설계자, 관리자, 일반 관리자
  • 교육 비용: 2.250,- €

당사의 트레이너는 각 수강자의 질문에 개별적으로 답변하며 신속하고 개별적인 피드백을 제공합니다.

The TSI.PROFESSIONAL Data Center Training teaches you the fundamentals of data center’s design, construction and operation principles with regard to availability and physical security aspects. Furthermore you will gain a deep dive into our successful Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) method for the auditing and certification of data centers. TSI is a proven method for the assessment and certification of data centers mission critical infrastructures established 20 years ago, that implements the best practices in the industry such as the European Norm EN 50600. Benefit from the experience and know-how from more than 1.000 data center assessment and certification projects solved.


In our TSI.PROFESSIONAL Data Center Training the linked requirements and processes are presented in detail and the students gain deeper insights into the current TSI criteria catalogs. Furthermore, the students will receive a good overview of the TSI structure, application and processes. Our trainers will respond to each participant’s questions individually.

The training shall enable the students to  

  • understand the TSI method,
  • interpret properly the TSI assessment and certification scheme,
  • apply the criteria catalogs in practice and
  • align the design in a compliant manner.

The participants can complete the training with an optional examination and if they fulfill certain defined requirements will gain a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status.

Target group

The training program is directed at data center designers, data center advisors, general contractors as well as architects and project manager dealing with the design and construction of high available data centers. However, the training can also be used by operators and users of mission critical infrastructures as an educational measure or for comprehending design concepts of third parties.

Possibility of repetition

We offer you the possibility to retake a failed exam. You can register separately for this using the form. The repetitions take place two weeks after the actual training date and are conducted as an online exam. For this purpose, you will receive an access link from us, which is activated for two days. The costs for this are 350,- €.

Karim Marcel Odeh

Account Manager Data Center

+49 201 8999-580