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    3. CPR (Construction Products Regulation)

Since the success of any construction project depends on the quality of the used materials, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) allows only those construction products with harmonized technical specification to be placed on the European market.

In cases in which construction products do not meet the harmonized technical specifications, manufacturers wishing to enter the market are required to submit a technical assessment document issued by a designated Technical Assessment Body (TAB).

TÜV NORD is authorized to perform certifications concerning performance and conformity of construction products and materials.

Our experts helps you to get your construction products to the European markets.

Your Benefit

We provide services for certifying or assessing construction products and materials enable you to:

  • Obtain competitive advantages provided by an independent test seal.
  • Be ensure that your materials present no threat to human health or to the environment.
  • Meet the requirements of applicable standards and regulations.
  • Expand your market to the European Union.
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