1. Certification
  2. Mobility
  3. Testing Services

Our testing services help to prove the quality of products, the compliance of relevant legal requirements and assist in decision making:

  • EMC testing according to ECE R10, CISPR 25, ISO 11452, and ISO 7637
  • REESS testing according to ECE R100
  • ISO 10844 – Noise test track inspection
  • Tires / Wheels:
    • Tire test passenger cars / commercial vehicles according to legal requirements
    • Performance of high speed- and load-tests according to ECE 30 and ECE 54
    • Proof of operational strength by two-axial wheel test (ZWARP) and AK-LH-08
    • Impact tests according to ISO 7141
    • Stress tests of alloy wheels
  • Brake systems / Components:
    • Tests of brake discs’ / brake drum according to ECE R90
    • Individual tests according to customer’s requirements or specifications

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