TÜV Means Trust

TÜV NORD GROUP has always been a source of safety and trustworthy technical advice. The TÜV story began in Germany more than 150 years ago when the original inspection service was founded to monitor and ensure operational safety of steam boilers. As the organization grew, additional safety-related tasks such as motor vehicle inspections became part of the TÜV NORD GROUP's area of focus. Today, the company is gaining even more momentum in the areas of natural resources and aerospace, employing over 10,000 people across 70 countries.

An International Brand

With TÜV brands and services across Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa, TÜV NORD is a global authority in the Technical Inspection and Certification (TIC) industry.

We have expertise in business areas across many technical inspection verticals including automotive, industrial services, natural resources and, human resources. As a highly technical and customer-focused brand, our advantage lies in our ability to analyze and develop individualized solutions for our customers across the globe with a mind to organizational effectiveness, safety, and fairness.

TÜV NORD GROUP customers benefit from the broad, hard-earned expertise of the auditors and inspectors we are proud to employ. Their understanding of the subject matter and the customer form the backbone of the company's success. We earn trust through competent, reliable, and appropriate actions. Our respectful company values help us to meet our responsibility for people, the environment, and technology worldwide.

Our unique philosophy combining technical expertise and a promise of integrity means that customers can trust in TÜV NORD and its ability to support and guide them to a safer future.

Our Expertise

The TÜV NORD GROUP sets the pace on a variety of mission-critical safety and inspection services across a spectrum of technical industries. Power plant operators across Europe trust in TÜV NORD GROUP's expert knowledge and integrity to ensure safe operation, while TÜV Nord Aviation has become a centre of excellence for safety and security in the aerospace industry.

Whichever industry TÜV NORD GROUP encounters, it has proven to offer the highest level of technical knowledge and best practices to ensure safe and top quality output. We are proud to be the brand most trusted to answer important global questions about the future – every day and everywhere in the world.

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Reiner Jaspers

Reiner Jaspers

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Ralph Dollenberg

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