Internal Auditor Program on HACCP Level 3

Internal Auditor Program on HACCP Level 3


HACCP is a well-established system of food safety management that all related businesses must adhere to. Ideally all HACCP team members should complete this course before commencing a HACCP study. Although HACCP Level 3 course is designed primarily for employees of the food manufacturing industry, this qualification will also benefit related industries.

Course Objectives

On completion of the course and passing the examination, the delegates would be able to:

  • Identify the importance of HACCP-based food safety management systems and the procedures involved to maintain it.
  • Recognise and identify hazards and risks.
  • Identify what should be included in pre-requisite programmes and their importance.
  • List, understand and effectively implement the preliminary processes of HACCP.
  • Understand to practically and effectively implement HACCP principles within a food business/environment by developing a HACCP plan with reference to the CODEX principles.
  • The role of HACCP team leader.
  • Identify what a PFD (process flow diagram) is and how it can be useful in managing a food business.
  • Recognise Critical Control Points (CCPs) and how to put corrective action procedures in place.
  • Implement, verify, validate, maintain and document HACCP plan.

Date and Time

Date : 28th to 29th April 22

Time : 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Who should attend ?

Individuals who are in supervisor, team leader and managerial roles who are required to develop and/or supervise the HACCP-based processes and practices, anyone who is required to have knowledge of HACCP to help others understand its importance.


HACCP Level 2 would be an advantage, but not essential to attend HACCP Level 3 course. Basic understanding of food safety and HACCP is sufficient.

Course Contents
  • Introduction to GHP and GMP
  • Types of Hazards (including allergens)
  • Pre-Requisite Programs
  1. Primary Production (Environmental Hygiene and Control, Hygienic Production of Food Sources, Handling, Storage and Transport, and Cleaning, Maintenance and Personal Hygiene)
  2. Establishment (Design and Facilities, Location and Structure, Facilities, and Equipment)
  3. Training and Competence (Awareness and Responsibilities, Training Programmes, Instruction and Supervision, Refresher Training,
  4. Establishment Maintenance, Cleaning and Disinfection, and Pest Control(Maintenance and Cleaning, Pest Control Systems, and Waste Management)
  5. Personal Hygiene (Health Status, Illness and Injuries, Personal Cleanliness, Personal Behaviour, and Visitors and Other Persons from Outside the Establishment)
  6. Control of Operations (Description of Products and Processes, Key Aspects of GHP and GMP, Water, Documentation and Records, and Recall Procedures)
  7. Product Information and Consumer Awareness
  8. Transportation - Use and Maintenance
  • Individual and Group Activities*
  • Introduction to HACCP
  • Guidelines and Principles of HACCP System
  • CCP Decision Tree
  • HACCP Development Activity*
  • Overview of Internal Audit
  1. Introduction
  2. Planning
  3. Preparation
  4. Reporting
  • Internal Audit Group Activity*
  • Exam
  • Delegate’s gained knowledge about HACCP will be evaluated on active participation during the training, individual and group activity scores, and exam at the end of the course.
  • Course completion certificate will be issued if the candidate passes with at least 70% overall.
  • Course attendance certificate will be issued if the candidate attends whole duration of the course, but gets less than 70% overall in the exam.

8 Hours including a break of  1 hour

Registration Fees

Rs. 5,000/- + 18 % GST Only

Registration and Payment    

Registration with confirmed payment will be closed 24 Hours before the scheduled time of Webinar.

Cancellation Policy

In case of schedule cancellation by the delegate, fees will be non-refundable.