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Course Objectives

The essential objective of this course is to provide supervisors, line managers of lower and middle level management personnel with the knowledge to develop & enhance managerial skills.

Course Features

-It essentially covers the basic requirements of manager’s roles and responsibilities, planning techniques, developing analytical and logical thinking, effective application of quality tools, productivity improvement techniques, subordinate development, developing effective leadership skills, process Improvement techniques etc.

-The course is designed for enhancing managerial qualities in a prospective managerial personnel and has 50:50 ratio of theory versus application.

Who should attend ?

  • Lower and middle level management personnel of small, medium and large scale companies (e.g. supervisors, executives, assistant managers, managers etc.)
  • Supervisors with good working experience with an aptitude to become future managers.
  • Management and engineering students can also take up this course for becoming more resourceful and employable. 

Course Contents

  • Introduction to executive development
  • Roles and Responsibilities and skill sets of a Manager
  • Management functions viz. Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing and Controlling
  • Decision Making and Creative Thinking
  • Planning Techniques such as GANTT and PERT
  • Process Improvement techniques such as PDCA, SDCA etc
  • Application of Quality Tools for Problem Solving
  • Leadership skills development, Communication Skills development, Personality Development
  • Productivity Improvement techniques
  • Resource Utilization, Target setting and Effective Deployment of Objectives
  • Exercises
  • Summing-up. 


Certificate of attendance shall be issued to all the delegates attending entire duration of the training course


2 Days


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