Social Accountability


Enhanced image leads to business success Companies who successfully demonstrate being ethically responsible, benefit from a wide-ranging increase in the confidence of consumers and investors, increase in customer and employee loyalty.

With ever increasing need to improve working conditions within the organization and the entire supply chain, companies have adopted private governance of working conditions in the form of SA 8000 Standard.

SA8000 is an international standard to promote worker’s rights and enable employers to sustainably implement a systems-based approach to ensuring decent and ethical working conditions. This standard is based on the principles of the international human rights norms and national labour law to promote worker’s best interest, with a view to sustainable livelihoods and employment. It is based on the principle that ensuring worker’s rights and well-being is not a ‘burden’ for employers but an investment in human resources that leads to healthy and sustainable workplace for all.

SA8000 measures the performance of organisations in eight key areas: child labour, forced and Cumulsory labour, health and safety, freedom of association and collective bargaining, discrimination, disciplinary practices, working hours and remuneration.

To develop understanding on these key areas & implement it across the organization, TUV India Training Academy offers a comprehensive training programs for the organizations to acquire knowledge & skills.

The following training courses may be useful :

  • Awareness training programs for senior management teams to drive the implementation of Social Accountability Management System (SA 8000)
  • Awareness training programs for the employees at all levels to develop understanding on the requirements of SA 8000.
  • Implementation training programs to develop core team responsible for implementing SA 8000 across the company
  • Internal Auditor training programs to develop a team of internal auditors


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