Implementation of Processes as per VDA 6.3 Requirements

Course Features


VDA 6.3 Auditors Programs as well as Awareness Programs make the participants aware of Auditing principles, VDA 6.3 requirements via 58 questions and the Mechanism & Optimum usage of the VDA 6.3 Audit tool.

Equipped with this knowledge the participants are expected to establish the various company processes in-line with the VDA 6.3 requirements. This course gives a guideline for effective mechanism for this implementation activity in an objective manner.


Course Objectives.

VDA 6.3 is a standard that focuses on Risk Analysis & Risk Mitigation and is expected to show results in improved Quality objectives. This is accompanied with an objective assessment mechanism. Thus course objectives are:

  1. Understand VDA 6.3 requirements and flow of the standard
  2. Understand the need for a VDA 6.
  3. Implementation Team and SWOT 3. Understand Risk Assessment in Processes
  4. Understand “Correction” Method of Implementation
  5. Understand “First Principles” Method of Implementation
  6. Understand the flow of linked processes and use this for implementation
  7. Horizontal Deployment with multiple teams
  8. Periodic Self Analysis in terms of Quality Objectives and Audit results.

Course Contents
  • Module 1 : Risk Assessment with Turtle Diagram Introduction
  • Module 2 : VDA 6.3 Requirements and the flow of the standard
  • Module 3 : Identification of Optimum team and choosing appropriate methodology of implementation
  • Module 4 : Study of Linked Processes for effective process setting and Team finalization with task identification
  • Module 5 : Example task lists and mini audit program planning
  • Module 6 : Effective Usage of Audit tool and Audit Result Sheet
  • Module 7 : Periodic Self Analysis • Module 8 : Culture of Risk Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Certificate of successful completion shall be issued to all the delegates who attend entire duration of the course.

Who Should Attend
  • This program is intended for companies who have a business goal of effectively establishing their processes as per VDA 6.3 requirements.
  • Cross functional VDA 6.3 Implementation Team Members from Project Management, Product and Process Development, SCM, Production Management & Analysis including Maintenance & Facilities Management, Rejection Analysis Customer Complaint & Warranty Analysis.

3 Days