Basics of Welding Metallurgy

Course Objectives

This course helps to understand basics of Welding  Metallurgy which plays important role in most of the production activities. It is very important to have this knowledge to  ensure the quality of the product is met as per your customer requirement

Course Feature

It is essential to understand the basic principles that govern the evolution of microstructure during welding,since the cracking susceptibility of welded structures is a function of microstructure environment and applied stress. This introductory course provides the basic concepts of welding metallurgy and to interpret failures in welded components.

Who should attend ?
  • Welding Engineers, QA / QC, Production Engineers  and Manager,
  • Representatives of Inspection agencies
  • Representatives of all sectors (Pressure vessels,  Structural, Manufacturing etc.) of Industry where welding is used as joining process
Course Contents

Welding Metallurgy Principles of fusion welds which includes :

  • Regions of fusion zone
  • Solidification of  Metals
  • Macroscopic Aspects of Weld Solidification
  • Effect of Travel Speed and Temperature Gradient on Weld pool shape
  • Microscopic Aspects of Weld Solidification

Welding defects  which includes :

  • Fabrication related defects i.e. Hot cracking ,Warm cracking ,Cold cracking, Process control and others
  • Service related defects i.e. Hydrogen induced, Environmentally induced,Fatigue ,Creep etc.



Tutor having excellent experience of working in the industry shall conduct this training.


Softcopy Certificate of successful attendance shall be issued to all the delegates who attend entire duration of the course.


3 Hours