Water Audit

Water Audit

Water Audit / Water Footprint

Recent Government guidelines regarding water conservation are aimed at benchmarking water usage across different industrial sectors.  

The guidelines notified by the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) under the Jal Shakti Ministry prescribes a minimum environmental compensation on industrial, mining and infrastructure users for extracting ground water without a no objection certificate (NOC). Accordingly, industries have to carry out water audit on periodic basis to understand the water footprint within their boundary.

Nowadays, the importance of water assessment has been increased due to the significant usage of water resources in the process industry. Water Audit not only helps to save the cost, but also encourages natural resources conservation.

Comprehensive water audit gives a detailed profile of the distribution system and water users, thereby facilitating easier and effective management of the  resources with improved reliability.


Why Water Audit / Water Footprint?

  • Scientific assessment identifies the parameters like quality, nature and quantity of water consumption
  • Helps to identify inefficient uses, problem areas wherein water conservation and remedial measures can be undertaken
  • Clear identification of sources of water (i.e. fresh water and reused or recycled water)
  • Identifying the opportunities and quantifying reduction in water footprint
  • For efficient water management, treatment and monitoring
  • Establish and prioritize opportunities for reducing water footprint to establish basis for decisions
  • Information for more reliable and extensive database for the creation of water conservation policy
  • Improve efficiency in water usage and reduce the losses 


Our Approach for Water Audit / Water Footprint:

  • Preliminary Assessment:

Pre-audit information based on walkthrough of facility and discussion with plant personnel.

  • Measurement, Data Verification & Analysis:

Study of past trend of water consumption, sources of water and corresponding quantities of water drawn from the sources, discussion with plant and process personnel regarding the plant and process requirements. 

  • Benchmarking:

Case to case approach will be followed for determination of baseline and benchmarking.

  • Comprehensive Water Audit Report:

The report consists of determination of efficiency of water usage, mass balance of water consumption, data processing and gap analysis. The report will also provide discussion on results, scope of improvement, recommendations and conclusion. The reports to be submitted to CGWA would be in line with the compliance.


Our Expertise:

TUV India has carried out extensive Water Assessment and is closely associated with several water conservation projects in the industrial sector. TUV India has a pool of experienced water auditors to conduct detailed Water Assessment for all types of industries, for e.g. Chemical & Petrochemical,Cement, Power, Sugar, Paper & pulp, Textile,Pesticides, Dairy, Food Processing, Breweries,Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Paints, Engineering,Ceramic, Synthetic Fibers and Hotel etc.

The know-how of TUV India is renowned in this sector. We identify the water consumption and saving potentials which can be implemented realistically. Thus, the most important objective of our service is to provide the solutions on process optimization, qualitative and quantitative monitoring and reduce the water footprint besides conservation of natural resources.

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