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The recent COVID-19 pandemic has certainly caused a lot of disruption worldwide, not just to businesses but to our way of life as well. Hopefully we will all emerge soon from this crisis and begin to reboot our activities and revive the economy. As part of the essential philosophy of TUV India (TÜV NORD GROUP) we continue to strive in “making our world safer”. And as an extension of this very philosophy we intend to assist in the efforts being made by everyone to re-operationalize industries and reopen public spaces post the lockdown period. We intend to do so by conducting a verification and assessment of the steps being taken by enterprises and institutions in resuming operations.

Scope of Service:

To provide assurance to organizations through an audit to review and verify preparedness measures of Business Units to prevent COVID – 19 infections to enable them take a decision on resumption of Business Operations.

TUV India would be providing a detailed Assessment Report on completion of an on-site audit.

What would be the criteria for this assessment?

Assessment of compliance towards the latest prevailing mandatory guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India + current prevailing orders and guidelines from relevant local or state authorities + industry specific guidelines from authorized or expert bodies + TUV India recommended industry specific best practices + any new guidelines as may be issued or revised by authorities as on the date of the audit

Who needs to avail these services?

All industries, institutions, public spaces, transport hubs, places of worship, food & hospitality hubs entertainment / amusement / shopping arenas, etc.

  • Industry : Factories, Office spaces, SEZs, Warehouses, Distribution centres
  • Institutions : Universities, Schools, Colleges, Research institutes, Media houses
  • Transport hubs : Airports, Sea Ports, Train / metro stations, Bus depot
  • Public spaces : Places of worship, Tourist sites, Museums, Art Galleries,
  • Food & Hospitality : Hotels, Restaurants, QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants, Food Malls, Banquets
  • Entertainment : Cinema halls, Theatres, Amusement Parks, Sports complexes
  • Shopping : Retail stores, Shopping malls, Department stores

Why conduct these assessments?

  • Prior to re-operationalization or reopening one needs to confirm complete compliance to all the mandatory orders and directives
  • To help identify possible existing gaps in the process and drive stringent improvements into the program
  • Protect and reassure your employees, clientele, guests or visitors by minimizing risks through adherence to mandatory guidelines and recommended best practices

How will these assessments be performed?

TUV India’s auditors have been specially trained on all the legal and regulatory requirements specific to manage precautions against spread of COVID-19. The auditors chosen for this task would be domain experts specific to the industry that they would be assessing. They would also be conversant with all local guidelines prevailing in the State where the facility is located.

All our auditors strictly abide by the best practices related to personal hygiene and social distancing and are confirmed to be in good health and devoid of any risk of spreading contamination themselves.

All audits would be conducted on-site to ensure diligent verification of intent, plan, systems, documentation and evidenced implementation.

Audit Methodology

Following methods would be adopted to collect objective evidences of compliance to Audit Protocol/Criteria Requirements.

  • Review of COVID 19 Post Lockdown Preparedness Documentation prepared by organization. This can be done remotely by using ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
  • Verification of records being maintained for COVID 19 Prevention Measures. This can be partially done remotely by using ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Balance part can be done onsite.
  • Physical Inspection of Site Conditions and Infrastructure of all areas of Business Unit under Audit. This shall be done by being physically onsite.
  • Interview of Personnel at Business Units. This can be partially done remotely by using ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Balance part can be done onsite.

These Audits can be done in combination of offsite (through ICT) and onsite.

Follow up Audit

Follow up, if required can be done remotely (Through ICT) and/or Visiting the Audit site again to verify compliance.

Auditor shall take a decision whether follow up audit can be conducted only remotely (through ICT) and no onsite visit is required. This decision shall be based on nature of audit findings.

Duration of Onsite physical visit shall be not more than 1 person day.

Allied Services

Training Programs specifically aimed at providing guidance on compliance to regulations, preventive actions and recommended practices during re-operationalization post COVID-19 lockdown