Wine Testing

Wine Testing

Wine Testing

Wine, one of the most ancient fermented beverages humankind has known are un-distilled alcoholic beverages made from grapes or other fruits such as peaches, plums or apricots, banana etc. As a fruit based fermented and un-distilled product, wine often retains most of the nutrients present in the original fruit juice.

Although wine quality depends on attributes such as age, vintage, style, provenance, varietal origin, prestige, or other attributes, its legitimate quality lies in its sensory characteristics derived from its chemistry.

Research shows that wine potentially contains more than 800 organic constituents, thus its chemistry is obviously complex. It also changes over time, as compounds volatilize, degrade, oxidize, reduce, polymerize, depolymerize, and undergo other transformations. Even after acknowledging synergistic interactions that may enhance detection, the number of sensorially important compounds may be less than 50 in any particular wine. Among these only few groups such as sugars, alcohols, carboxylic acids, esters, and phenolic compounds affect the sensory attributes of essentially all wines. They are responsible in forming much of the basic vinous character of a wine.

A typical wine contains ethyl alcohol, sugar, acids, higher alcohols, tannins, aldehydes, esters, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, anthocyanins, minor constituents like flavoring substances. The most famous types of wines are red and white wines, followed by rosé and sparkling wines. There are other wine specialties around the world.

FSSAI under the FSS (Alcoholic Beverages) regulations, has classified various wines and defined testing parameters for quality and safety compliance for wines sold in Indian market. FSSAI requires that wines are analyzed for their quality attributes, alongside safety testing including heavy metals, toxins and naturally occurring toxins as applicable to wine.

At TUV India food laboratory, with a robust sampling team of trained samplers who carry out pan India sampling using approved standard operating procedures ensure samples are in prime condition prior to testing. Our laboratory covers testing of wines as required by FSSAI standards. Apart from this, testing is performed as per customer quality requirements. Our highly skilled and experienced analysts perform testing using internationally approved methods on high end equipments.

TUV India is also involved in a large professionally acclaimed sampling and testing program for fresh grapes carried out annually, which gives us the market advantage of supporting your raw material testing requirements alongside finished product testing.

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