EN 15085-2 - Welding Mfr for Railway Components

An Approval for Welding of Railway Vehicles and Components

As from 01.04.2008 the standards DIN EN 15085-1 to -5 were introduced by the German Railway Authorities (EBA) as acknowledged technical rules within the responsibility of the EBA.

Approval for Welding on rail vehicles & vehicle components according to DIN EN 15085-2

“Welding on rail vehicles requires particular specialist expertise”

Companies that would like to carry out welding work on rail vehicles and vehicle components, must have their suitability verified according to DIN EN 15085-2 (in the past, according to DIN 6700-2). The certificate is considered verified if the certificate has been issued by a notified body. This certificate verifying welding specialist expertise is particularly important for welding companies, since the welded components on rail vehicles and vehicle components that are manufactured or maintained by welding companies without the certificate required for the component are not considered standard compliant.

Welding on rail vehicles is not for everyone. In fact, welding on an rail vehicles and vehicle components may only be carried out by experts who have a corresponding certificate verifying their professional competence. This certificate is based on the directive governing the procedure for obtaining the certificate to weld rail vehicles and vehicle components. The directive ensures the uniform procedure. It is binding for notified bodies and manufacturers.

The German federal railway agency EBA is the responsible supervisory authorities for federal railways.

If you would like to have your welding specialist expertise in the railway sector recognised, simply contact us: TÜV NORD Systems is a recognized manufacturer certification centre for preparing certificates designed to verify the suitability for welding rail vehicles and vehicle components according to DIN EN 15085-2 of the EBA.
Shops intending to carry out welding work in new construction including production welding or repair must have proven their suitability according to DIN EN 15085 part 2. The evidence is considered given if the certificate has been issued by a manufacturer certification body. Manufacturer certification bodies are recognised by the national safety agency (German Railway Authority). Certification acc. to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 or-3 does not replace certification acc. to DIN EN 15085-2!

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