Remote Audit

Almost all companies are currently facing enormous restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many processes can no longer be run as usual; instead, digital alternatives are being implemented in coordination with the approving authorities, who are reacting as flexibly as possible to the exceptional situation. 

TÜV NORD is already doing certifications on the basis of remote audits, which means that assessments can be carried out from distant locations.

Remote audits enable companies to meet their audit obligations even in the current crisis situation. Certifications are sometimes required by law or contractually stipulated by business partners. If audits cannot be carried out and certificates cannot be issued or maintained as a result, business operations are at stake.

Due to the current requirement to reduce contacts, the usual on-site audits at the customer's premises are often not feasible. TÜV NORD has responded to this special situation. We have greatly expanded our range of remote audits and can now meet customer requirements much more flexibly. Demand has already increased significantly.

TÜV NORD is confronting the special situation. Instead of being carried out on a small scale, as was previously the case, an audit can now be carried out remotely up to 100 per cent in justified exceptional cases. This is preceded by a risk analysis. Initial audits are excluded from 100 per cent remote audits.

We at TUV India (TÜV NORD GROUP) also extending remote audit services here in India and we wish many of our customers to get benefited with it.

Remote Audits Conducted by TUV India, need of the hour !

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